The need for managing security is a given. Unfortunately, many systems developed for CMS access control can be complicated, expensive, or both. CommonSpot includes built-in security that is both easy to implement and flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization. The cornerstone of this framework is a set of inheritable permissions. This architecture simplifies rights distribution by enabling them to automatically "trickle down" both for content and common publishing activities. For many sites that's all there is to it. But for sites that need to make exceptions to default inheritance, CommonSpot makes it just as easy to explicitly assign, remove, and enforce privileges.

Sites can enforce rights to prevent override and grant full control to groups, such as IT, who rely on complete access to specific site areas in order to do their jobs. Sites can also protect sensitive content by removing rights to objects such as templates, to prevent access to all pages that derive from those templates. You can even control who can see specific portions of pages or templates by managing access and inheritance to specific content objects within a page or template. CommonSpot also includes features to restore inheritance, when you need to remove restrictions that are no longer needed or reinstate others after override.

  • Use inheritance features to create a centralized, distributed, or combination security model to fit your needs.
  • Assign rights and set inheritance at the site/subsite, template, page, and content object level.
  • View and change inheritance for any site component at any time,
  • Enable override or enforce security as needed.
  • Restore inheritance when necessary to remove restrictions or reinstate those that have been overridden.

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