CommonSpot 10.8.0 enables the ability to pull Instagram data from your Facebook account.

Please follow these steps to enable Instagram data access in your Facebook App in the Facebook Development Console.

The relevant Instagram account must be converted to a Business Account if it hasn't been already. Instructions on how to do that are located here:

The Instagram account must be connected to a Facebook Page. As part of the conversion of an Instagram account to a business account, there is a step to connect the Instagram account to a Facebook page. If that step wasn't taken during the time of the account conversion, those steps can be found here:

Once these two steps are completed, you can either:

1) Set up a new channel for Facebook (if one hadn't already been created) as described in the Site Administration chapter of the Administrators Guide. The new addition here is the "Enable access to Instagram data" checkbox which needs to be checked.


2) Update the configuration of your existing Facebook channel and check the checkbox "Enable access to Instagram data". At that point you will have to re-establish the connection by clicking on "Revoke Access" and then click on "Save" and the connection process will be re-run. Follow the prompts from Facebook, it may ask you to select which Instagram account you want to connect to and what Facebook Page you want to connect to. The process is now complete and you can use your own custom code to pull Instagram data from the Facebook API or use the PaperThin Social Media App available from the PaperThin Community Site (