Microsites are a great complement to marketing campaigns, whether online or off. Microsites help highlight a specific product, target a specific buyer, tell a story, or inspire a call-to-action. Typically a collection of a few pages that function as a discrete entity outside the existing website, microsites give marketers the ability to closely tie its design and visual appearance with branded marketing messages making them effective, focused marketing tools.

CommonSpot makes it simple to create any number of branded, stand-alone microsites with their own set of unique templates, navigation, and content.  

  • Leverage the same familiar tools used to manage your website
  • Create a distinct set of templates to support each microsite's design
  • Create unique domain names and keyword rich URLs that are optimized for search engines
  • Leverage CommonSpot's community-building tools such as Blogs to engage visitors
  • Use CommonSpot's form builder tool to create forms that capture lead data
  • Conduct A/B tests to optimize content and boost conversions
  • Analyze microsite effectiveness using Google Analytics
  • Use URL redirects once microsites are retired to preserve SEO ranking

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