It's no secret that a poorly performing website results in a poor user experience. That's just one reason that site speed is included in search-ranking algorithms. Visitors spend less time on slow sites, and recent Google research shows that making your site faster can actually reduce overall operating costs.

But what makes a site fast and how do you make sure yours measures up? Most experts agree that a load time of less than 4 seconds is a good performance target, with 0-1 seconds optimal. The most important metric is how fast sites respond to the very first transfer request. 

CommonSpot provides an advanced suite of tools for analyzing and tuning performance at every level. With a single click, authors and editors can view metrics for each page and each element on each page, to isolate and correct problems. Administrators can set site-wide standards based on usage and traffic patterns and fine-tune at the page level. CommonSpot also includes features for managing cached pages and provides easy-to-use analysis tools for optimizing system resources.

  • One-click page performance analysis
  • Easily tune performance at the page or site level
  • Stale cache features for balancing responsiveness and content freshness
  • Cache usage and analysis tools
  • Dedicated Cache Server option for intelligent cache rebuilding
  • Scheduled jobs to automate performance tasks

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