This initial hands-on class is the first of a two-part course designed for content contributors or business stakeholders. Part lecture and part hands-on exercises, the class focuses on the use of CommonSpot from the end user's perspective, teaching users how to effectively create and manage all types of content within your CommonSpot site.

Students will walk away with an in-depth understanding of the CommonSpot user interface. They will learn how to create and manage pages, upload images and documents, and create external URLs. They will also review some of CommonSpot’s most commonly used elements, understand how to use templates, learn how to leverage metadata for content organization, as well as learn the basics of workflow and collaboration. Finally, students will learn how to use CommonSpot’s tools to quickly find and access content, keep content fresh, and manage site assets.

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The following topics are covered in-depth during the CommonSpot for Contributors training class.

  • Introduction to CommonSpot Interface
    • Login
    • Entrance Tab
    • My CommonSpot Dashboard
    • Main CommonSpot View and Menu
    • LView
    • Subsite Administration
  • Types of Content (Overview)
    • Pages
    • Images
    • Uploaded Documents
    • Multimedia/Video
    • External URLs
    • Page Sets
  • Finding Content
    • Quick Find
    • My Content
    • Reports
    • Find
  • CommonSpot Pages
    • Properties (Standard & Custom)
    • Elements
    • Editing Pages (Read, Author, Edit & Approval)
    • Templates
    • Grid Row Layouts
  • Common Elements
    • Rich Text Editor
    • Heading Element
    • Page Index
    • Link Bar
    • Image
    • Tree Navigation
  • Creating Pages
    • Subsite
    • Template
    • Properties
    • Elements
    • Publishing Content
  • Other Page Tools
    • Publication Date
    • Expiration Date
    • Content Freshness Reminders
  • Workflow & Version History
    • Collaboration and Workflow basics
    • Version History
  • Uploading Documents
    • Single File Upload
    • Multifile Upload
  • My CommonSpot Dashboard
    • My Changes/My Approvals/Notifications
    • Saved Searches
    • Shortcuts
    • Reminders



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