This class is the second of two Contributor classes designed for content contributors or business stakeholders. Part lecture and part hands-on exercises, the Contributor II class is intended to teach content owners some of the more advanced techniques for creating and managing web content.  

Students will learn how to display and manage images and video content. They will learn how to reuse and repurpose content across your CommonSpot site, as well as learn how to ensure content meets accessibility standards. They will also learn how to create and manage forms, links, and create redirects. Finally, students will be introduced to a variety of CommonSpot tools for managing pages and performance.

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The following topics are covered in-depth during the hands-on CommonSpot for Contributors training. class.

  • Images & Multimedia
    • Image Galleries
    • Video
  • Content Reuse using CommonSpot
    • Using the Page Index element
    • Filtering and layout options
    • Creating RSS feeds
  • LView Panel
    • Page Tools
    • Page View
    • Page Details
    • Grid Row Layouts
    • Page Versions
    • SEO
  • Writing Accessible Content
    • Accessibility LView Panel
  • Custom Elements: User Defined Content Objects
    • Custom Element Overview & Examples
  • Forms and Datasheets
    • Creating and using Forms
    • Creating and using Datasheets
  • Other Tools
    • Work Requests
    • Page Cache Settings
    • Change Owner
    • Lock/Unlock
    • Content Subscription
    • Contacts, Notes & Tags
    • See Also References
  • Other Content Types
    • Page Sets
    • Feeds
  • Link Management
    • Referring Pages
    • Link Verification


CommonSpot for Contributors I

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