The hands-on Developers II course teaches developers how to use CommonSpot’s powerful Application Development Framework (ADF) to speed development in CommonSpot. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of the open source library and its built-in utilities, including how to install the ADF, calling its rich set of component methods, using its out-of-the-box field types & custom scripts, as well as how to extend & override the built in functions.In addition you will learn an established methodology and a proven set of best practices for customizing any of the existing open source ADF applications, or for building your own applications.

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The training will cover the following topics. After completing the training you will have a thorough understanding of developing in CommonSpot utilizing the Application Development Framework (ADF).

  • Introduction to the ADF 
    • Core architecture and object factory 
    • Components and Functions
    •  Custom Scripts 
    • Custom Fields 
    • Datasheet Modules 
  • Using ADF
    • ADF Lightbox and LigthboxProxy for CommonSpot style lightbox windows 
    • AjaxProxy for Ajax calls to ADF Functions 
    • Using common functions 
      • getCEData to access CommonSpot Custom Element data 
      • Custom Element SQL Views 
  • Customizing the ADF at the site-level 
    • Adding custom Components and Functions to the ADF 
    • Extend existing ADF Components and Functions 
    • Enhance and repurpose existing ADF: 
      • Custom Scripts 
      • Custom Field Types 
      • Datasheet Modules
  • Installation 
    • Installing the ADF 
    • Installing an ADF App 
  • Customizing ADF Apps 
    • Adding custom Components and Functions to an ADF App 
    • Extend existing ADF App Components and Functions 
    • Enhance existing ADF App: 
      • Custom Scripts 
      • Custom Field Types 
      • Datasheet Modules 
  •  Build a new ADF app 
    • Using the “Starter App” 
    • Best practices 
  • Community 
    • Community supported object oriented development practices 
    • the|commons Community Site involvement


We strongly recommend that students meet the following pre-requisits:

  • Trainees should have ample knowledge and experience with CommonSpot and its recommended that they have attended CommonSpot for Developers I training or have a solid working knowledge of the following CommonSpot topics:
    • Custom Elements (Global and Local)
    • Custom Render Handlers
    • Custom Field Types
    • Content Creation API
    • Custom Scripts
    • Common Hooks (e.g. Custom Authentication, Custom Application etc....)
  • Trainees should have an advanced level of knowledge in ColdFusion development.

Delivery Options & Costs

Format Cost Duration Description
Live Online $1,500 per seat 12 Hours(4 three hours sessions) Class taken online with live instructor. Offered once per quarter on scheduled basis. Up to 8 individuals per class.
On-site $2,000 per day + expenses 2 Days We come to your location and deliver the training. Up to 8 individuals per class.
Public $1,500 per seat 2 Days You travel to a public PaperThin location. Offered twice annually on scheduled basis. Up to 10 individuals per class.

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