Fundamentals is a course for users who want to master the essentials of CommonSpot.This in depth training provides technical users whether marketers, administrators, trainers, developers with a comprehensive overview of CommonSpot's powerful content management features. The class is appropriate for anyone tasked with delivering, developing, improving or managing your organization’s web presence. Attendees will gain a complete understanding of how to use CommonSpot as well as learn best practices, expert tips, and techniques that will save valuable time.

You'll learn how to...

  • Organize a site for conversion to CommonSpot
  • Create custom templates for a site
  • Construct a flexible template hierarchy
  • Lock down templates for use by page authors
  • Reuse content within pages of a site
  • Construct custom page metadata to categorize content
  • Drive dynamic page links with custom metadata
  • Create and use custom elements
  • Create RSS feeds
  • Leverage user and group permissions for users and site visitors
  • And more!

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The following topics are covered in-depth during five  days of CommonSpot Fundamentals training.

  • Introduction to CommonSpot
    • Architectural Overview: CMS 101
    • Main CommonSpot View and Menu
    • My CommonSpot
    • Administrator Modules
  • Working with Content
    • Page Creation, Architecture and Properties
    • Incorporating External Content (documents and links)
    • Collaboration and Workflow basics
  • Element Fundamentals
    • What are CommonSpot Elements?
    • Using Elements
  • Template Fundamentals
    • What are CommonSpot templates? 
    • Best Practices for building and Restricting Templates
  • Custom Properties/Metadata
    • What are Custom Metadata Forms? Why are they useful? 
    • Creating and using Metadata Forms
  • Content Reuse using CommonSpot
    • Using the Page Index element
    • Filtering and layout options
    • Creating RSS feeds
  • User/Group Management & Security
    • User/Group Management 
    • Security Overview: CommonSpot Security Levels
  • Custom Elements: User Defined Content Objects
    • Custom Element Overview & Examples
    • Creating and using Custom Elements (design, layout, authoring, reuse, feeds)
  • Forms and Datasheets
    • Creating and using Forms
    • Creating and using Datasheets
  • Building a Simple Application
    • Use a Global Custom Element to build a simple application
    • Dynamic display of content on pages
    • Build a back-end dashboard for adding and editing content
    • Control access to specific fields
    • Create a custom workflow
  • Marketing Tools
    • Vanity URL's
    • Personalization
    • Multimedia Overview
  • CommonSpot Administrator
    • Site and Subsite Administration
    • Documentation/Support
    • CommonSpot Community


There are no pre-requisites for this class.

Delivery Options & Costs

Format Cost Duration Description
Live Online $1,950 per seat 15 hours(5 three hour sessions) Class taken online with live instructor. Offered once per quarter on scheduled basis. Up to 8 individuals per class.
On-site $2,000 per day + expenses 3 Days We come to your location and deliver the training. Up to 10 individuals per class.
Public $1,950 per seat 3 Days You travel to a public PaperThin location. Offered twice annually on scheduled basis. Up to 10 individuals per class.
Recorded $600 per seat 60 days Access to recorded training is provided for 60 days, plus 2 hours of Q&A with live instructor.

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