Welcome to CommonSpot for Developers I (Recorded)

CommonSpot for Developers I, provides comprehensive technical training designed for ColdFusion developers who are responsible for implementing and developing a CommonSpot web site. In this class you will learn how to take a responsive web site design and implement it in CommonSpot. You will learn how to build a base template, write render handlers, use custom scripts and how CommonSpot's robust set of APIs may be used to customize CommonSpot for your environment

The training class is broken down into fourteen (14) sessions, with a mixture of lecture and hands-on-training. To play a session, just click one of the links below. You can view these as many times as you need, so you can learn at your own pace.

Happy programming & enjoy.

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Instructor Info

Dave Beckstrom

I've been programming in ColdFusion since version 1.5 came out in 1996. Back in 2000 I became one of PaperThin's first customers, utilizing CommonSpot for an online magazine and community site. I then joined PaperThin in 2008, coming part of PaperThin's professional services team to help customers build world class sites with CommonSpot. I've been part of helping dozens and dozens of customers, and look forward to helping you.

Training Materials

Access to training materials is only provided upon purchase.

Training Agenda


  • Watch the Introduction video (1 hour).

Template Review

  • Watch the Template Review video (33 minutes).

Page Processing

  • Watch the Page Processing video (28 minutes)

Exercises & Prototype Site

  • Watch the Exercises and Sample Site video (10 minutes)


Review Day 1

Exercise 1 – Mini Discovery and Analysis.  

  • Watch the video (11 minutes)

Building Base templates

  • Watch the Building Base Templates video (1:07 minutes)  
  • During this video you will also complete exercises:


  • Exercise 2a – Base Template
  • Exercise 2b – Head File
  • Exercise 2c – Template Container
  • Exercise 2d – Template Layout Columns


Review Day 2

Custom Scripts

  • Watch the Building Custom Scripts video (49 minutes).
  • During this video you will also complete exercises:
    • Exercise 3a – Custom Scripts
    • Exercise 3b –Custom Script Parameters

Soft Templates

  • Watch the Building Soft Templates video (36 Minutes).
  • During this video you will also complete exercises:
    • Exercise 4a – Add navigation to Base Plus One
    • Exercise 4b – Lock down navigation

Developing Custom Elements

  • Watch the video Building Custom Elements (35 minutes)

Exercise 5a – Create the news detail template.

Developing Render Handlers

  • Watch the Render Handlers videos:
    • Render Handlers Part 1 (1:20 minutes)
    • Render Handlers Part 2 (30 minutes)

During the Render Handlers videos you will complete exercises:

  • Exercise 6a – Build News Render handlers
  • Exercise 6b – Import News

Working with Datasheet Modules

Building Custom Field Types

APIs & Hooks

Content Import

UI Customizations

Developing Simple Applications

Understanding Commonspot Caching