• When importing an exported object, you can now control whether to use your existing resource files or update them with the files contained in the packet.  And similarly, any non-resource files, such as render handlers or custom field types, you can choose whether to copy over these files as well.

  • When exporting a Custom Element or Metadata Form you can specify a ‘post import’ script that will be executed as the final step in the import process. This script could contain, for example, a script to populate data in the custom element. This could be useful if the GCE was the source of a Select List field on another Custom Element.

  • When exporting a Custom Element or Metadata Form, CommonSpot will now remember your settings and any auxiliary files. These settings will be restored as the default when exporting again.

  • In order to ensure that all files included in an Export Packet will be consistent for all subsequent Exports, auxiliary files, such as ReadMe.txt and ‘post import’ scripts must exist on the server creating the export packet in order to be included in the packet. Prior to this change, auxiliary files could be include from a local workstation during export. If a different person exports the same object, those files would not be available. The Tools > Upload File utility may be used to place the auxiliary files on the server.

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