It's no secret that extending your site to multiple languages helps to attract new visitors, add new customers, and put more participants in your programs. CommonSpot delivers a set of features to simplify localization, with full support for the UTF-8 character set.

Authors creating pages in one language can copy new pages to each mapped language section of the site. A special tool bar displays for one-click access to other counterpart pages, making it easy to create, copy, and link pages between them.

All content within each template — text, images, multimedia, metadata, taxonomy terms, and more — is immediately available for internationalization and full-text search in the new language. The multi-language toolbar conveniently counts the number of language counterparts created or copied for each page.

  • A dozen commonly translated languages available out of the box.
  • Full UTF-8 support for publishing in any language.
  • One-click page creation or copying between languages.
  • All content types immediately available for conversion and full-text searching.
  • Easily link between language versions
  • Customizable date-time formats and lexicons for each language.
  • Easily enable/disable languages.

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