Your website gives you the opportunity to communicate a lot about your company. Personality, overall look and feel, and consistency are all important.  Template galleries allow you to lock in the look and feel of your site to protect the integrity of your brand.

CommonSpot gives authors automatic access to those templates approved for their individual role or for the subsite they are working on. At the same time, authors can make changes to certain aspects of the template design where allowed for variety. You can create and customize as many templates as you like and store them in an easy to access template gallery. The result is a website that is consistent, professional, and well branded.

  • Central browsable repository of templates displayed at page creation, pre-sorted by site location
  • Views based on individual and group permissions
  • Public and private settings
  • Search by category or name, or apply search criteria
  • Thumbnail template preview and one-click selection.
  • Template inheritance and "save page as template" for easy creation
  • My Templates and template reports simplify management

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