Administrators sometimes need to be able to look at who performed what action and when. Commonspot provided detailed transaction logging for all events at the Server, Customer and Site levels. The transaction logging feature allows granular control of which activities to log and provides detailed reports of those activities. Reports show the recorded transactions, the dates which they occurred, the user who performed the action and details of the action.  

Transaction logging will log actions that occur either through the CommonSpot User Interface or or any of CommonSpot’s APIs. Content Creation API events are not logged.

For each of the primary levels (Server, Customer and Site) you can control which actions/events you wish to record, and the duration for which you wish to keep the history.  These settings.are managed with the Transaction Log Settings dialog.

At the site level, you can access the Transaction History report from the Site Administrator, Subsite Administrator and any page menu.  From the Site Administrator you will see all events, but when invoked from the Subsite Administrator or page you will only see events applicable for that Subsite or Page respectively.

The Transaction history dialog also allows you to drill into an event and see all parameters specified for that action within the Transaction Details dialog.  Additionally the data may be Exported from within each of the Reports to a standard CSV format by clicking the Export to Excel button.

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