PaperThin's entire team is pleased to announce the latest release of CommonSpot, version 10.7.

New functionality in this release includes:

  • WebP Image Format Support
  • Author-mode Performance Improvements
  • Resource Hints for Improved Page Speed
  • New Resource Types for CDN-loaded Resources
  • Transaction Logging
  • reCaptcha 3 support
  • Custom Element, Datasheet and Page Index Record Limits to Prevent Slow Loading Pages
  • Exclude Default Filename in Links for Improved SEO
  • Multiple Record Selection
  • Numerous UI improvements
  • Security patches & Bug fixes
  • and more

For complete details of the 10.7 release, please read the 10.7 Release Notes, as well as the CommonSpot Technical Specifications

In addition to releasing a new version of CommonSpot, PaperThin has also released version 2.6 of the CommonSpot ADF (Application Development Framework), as well as updates to the PT Calendar application. For more information, please read the ADF release notes.


WebP Image Format Support

CommonSpot now natively supports the next-gen WebP image format. When configured, it will automatically create an optimized WebP image from any newly uploaded or existing PNG, JPG or GIF image. CommonSpot will also render the WebP in a safe manner, supporting older browsers using the picture tag, so that your pages can load faster on modern browsers.

Author-mode Performance Improvements

Enhancements were made to CommonSpot’s cache management which dramatically improved author-mode publishing performance when changes were made to a custom element with a large number of fields. Additionally, pages with a significant number of elements now perform better in author mode when publishing.

Resources Hints for Improved Page Speed

CommonSpot's resource loading framework was enhanced to support rel=preconnect and rel=dns-prefetch resource hints in order to improve page speed. Third-party resources marked Critical will have their connections opened as soon as possible, so that their files can be downloaded as quickly as possible. While, non-critical third-party resources will have their DNS info retrieved ahead of time, to save the time when the connection is about to be made.

Resource Types for CDN-loaded Resources

CommonSpot has added two new out-of-the-box resource types named 'Third Party JavaScript' and 'Third Party Stylesheets'. These resources include and prompt for an Integrity Hash and/or a Cross Origin value.

Transaction Logging

Transaction logging is now available in CommonSpot 10.7.0 which provides the option of recording all of the events that modify data or settings within CommonSpot.  Configurable at the Server, Customer and Site levels, this tool allows granular control of which activities to log and provides detailed reports of those activities.

reCaptcha 3 Support

CommonSpot 10.7 provides support for Google's reCaptcha version 3. It is completely invisible to the user and gives you more flexibility to fight against spam and abuse in your own way.

Other 10.7 Enhancements

The 10.7 release add several other enhancements including adding record limits to index elements to prevent slow page loads, the ability to exclude the default filename in links for better SEO, UI improvements to select multiple records simultaneously, default render option for elements, several new security permissions, new form Information for Simple, Metadata and Custom element forms, and many more