The entire PaperThin team is pleased to announce the latest release of CommonSpot, version 10.8.

New functionality in this release includes:

  • SAML-based Single Sign-on
  • Numerous UI improvements
  • Support for Adobe ColdFusion 2021
  • Support for Lucee version 5.3.7
  • Support for Solr 8.8.1
  • Retrieval of Instagram data
  • Security patches and bug fixes

For complete details of the 10.8 release, please read the 10.8 Release Notes, as well as the CommonSpot Technical Specifications.

In addition to releasing a new version of CommonSpot, PaperThin has also released version 2.6.1 of the CommonSpot ADF (Application Development Framework). For more information, please read the ADF release notes.


Command Customization

CommonSpot now allows customization of the underlying 'Command Engine' API which allows administrators/developers to automate or customize many aspects of site management.

Custom Content API

Custom content objects can be created and updated programatically, allowing simplification of workflow and coordination with related content.

Password Policy Management

CommonSpot provides administrators with the tools they need to ensure that passwords conform to standards set by their organization.

Support for Lucee 5.3.9

CommonSpot 10.6.5, 10.7.3 and 10.8.2 and 10.9.0 support Lucee

Support for Solr 8.11.2

CommonSpot provides full-text indexing capabilities by integrating with the Solr search engine. The latest CommonSpot releases all support Solr 8.11.2