Each CommonSpot Widget comes with its own registered CSS file. This widget specific stylesheet allows modification of the widget’s look based on your site's specific needs.

Widget CSS Resource Files

The main “Widget CSS” file is registered via the Resources / Libraries in the CommonSpot Site Admin. A resource alias name has been assigned that coincides with the Widget’s name. You can find the stylesheet .css file in the ‘/_cs_widges/{widget-name}/css directory.

This CSS file can be modified directly.  However, it is highly recommended that a custom CSS override file be used before modifying any of the out-of-the box Widget Styles file. Creating a custom CSS file will automatically be loaded as an unregistered resource. Alternatively, a custom CSS file can be created and registered as a CommonSpot Resource, and the name of the resource added to the site main resource loading or the widgets render handler file.

To create a custom Widget CSS override file:

  1. Copy the existing Widget CSS file in the same widget css directory.

    • ‘/_cs_widgets/{widget-name}/css’

  2. Rename the file using same name but adding a ‘_custom’ suffix with the ‘.css’ file extension.

    • {widget-css-file-name}_custom.css