CommonSpot Cloud Pricing Components

Overall pricing for CommonSpot Cloud is made up the following components:

  • Subscription Fees
    As a PaperThin customer with an existing investment in CommonSpot, you will continue to own your CommonSpot licenses, with no change to your annual software subscription costs for those licenses.  To move to the CommonSpot Cloud, you simply transfer your existing CommonSpot licenses to a similar configuration in the cloud.  If at any time you wish to revert to an on-premise model, you may terminate your CommonSpot Cloud service and move your licenses back to your local servers.
  • One-Time Setup, Upgrade and Migration Fee
    A one-time fee will be charged to setup and configure both production and development server environments in the CommonSpot Cloud. In addition, PaperThin will migrate your existing site(s) to the Cloud, and upgrade all the sites to the latest version of CommonSpot.  

The conversion and migration process typically spans two to four (2-4) weeks depending on your testing requiremetns.  A detail outline of the tasks and estimated schedule is provided on the Migration to Cloud Process page.

  • Annual Hosting, Maintenance and Monitoring Fees
    PaperThin will provide all Web hosting and ongoing server/software maintenance for your production and development Web site(s) on an agreed to number of servers in the Amazon cloud.

    By default servers will run under Linux with either Railo ColdFusion, or a bring-your-own Adobe ColdFusion license. The both the production and development CommonSpot databases will be houses on a dedicated two server, fault-tolerant, multi-AZ MySQL instance. The production servers will run under a load balancer that will route traffic between the authoring and ROP servers. PaperThin will provide you URLs to directly access each server (i.e. and rops1.

    PaperThin will also provide all server/software maintenance, 24x7 monitoring and upgrade support (per your upgrade plan choice) for the annual period. Software maintenance includes the application of critical hotfixes/security bulletins for the server Operating System, ColdFusion/Railo, CommonSpot, and the Web Server software.
  • Active Support
    To help ensure your success, PaperThin offers an Active Support option, which provides each CommonSpot Cloud customer access to a Services Consultant who is available for consulting and/or development through a block of pre-paid consulting hours.

    You can use these hours to schedule time with the Services Consultant in any manner you see fit, including: 
    • DSN Support
    • Web Server Configuration
    • “How–to” Questions
    • Best Practices
    • Product Training
    • Site Architecture
    • Template Development
    • Security Review
    • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/AJAX programming needs
    • Performance Tuning
    • Time spent troubleshooting custom code errors/issues
    • Denial of Service troubleshooting/support
    • Any other technical questions/issues unrelated to product defects

All engagements with Services Consultants are scheduled in advance, in half-hour increments at a mutually agreeable time during normal business hours. 

  • Upgrade Fees
    One of the major advantages of moving to the CommonSpot Cloud is the availability of CommonSpot experts to assist you with upgrades on a schedule that meets your needs.  You can rely on our product knowledge and experience in performing hundreds of upgrades to perform the upgrade and resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner, freeing your staff to perform other tasks.  Let our skilled team help you stay current on the latest CommonSpot features.           

    For more information on the upgrade plans offered, please see the Upgrade Plans.
  • Usage Fees
    To eliminate a variable billing amount, we will estimate your month Usage Fees for data transfer, load-balancing, on-demand servers, etc.  If after 6 months you exceed this monthly allotment, PaperThin will adjust the billing accordingly to cover the past and future usage.