CommonSpot Cloud is designed to help you reduce the resources required and the overall cost of managing your existing CommonSpot Web infrastructure, while providing all the benefits of running in the cloud. PaperThin is excited to offer a packaged solution to off-load infrastructure support of CommonSpot. This page outlines steps needed to move your existing site(s) to the CommonSpot Cloud.


What is CommonSpot Cloud?

For existing on-premise CommonSpot customers, CommonSpot Cloud offers the same CommonSpot software that you are using today, only managed, maintained, and upgraded by PaperThin in the cloud.

With CommonSpot Cloud you get:

World Class Cloud Hosting

  • PaperThin has built a Cloud infrastructure utilizing industry-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Redundant, load-balanced multi-server hosting for your Authoring and Read-Only Production Servers (ROPS)
  • Multi-zone locations across separate Amazon data centers

Maintenance/Upgrades & Monitoring

  • Ongoing software maintenance & proactive patching of OS, Application Server and CommonSpot software
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and automated recovery
  • Scheduled CommonSpot upgrades
  • Nightly Backups

Improved Scalability & Redundancy

  • Ability to temporarily upsize your servers for known periods of increased traffic
  • Authoring & ROPS server(s) in separate availability zones or data centers
  • Clustered Database servers across two availability zones or data centers
  • Optional Warm Backup Server(s) in separate Amazon Region


CommonSpot Cloud Advantages:

With CommonSpot Cloud, PaperThin manages all of the server hardware, software, and load balancers required to run your CommonSpot-enabled web site(s) on an ongoing basis, freeing you to focus on your business.   We also monitor your infrastructure 24x7 and will upgrade your site according to the upgrade plan and schedule you select. 

With CommonSpot Cloud you will be able to:

  • Reduce cost through economies of scale
  • Improve site redundancy, availability, and scalability
  • Eliminate platform concerns
  • Run maintenance free
  • Make your marketers / content owners self-reliant
  • Have greater peace of mind



  1. Contact your Account Manager for an initial discussion
  2. Fill out the CommonSpot Cloud Migration Questionaire
    • Based on your answers we will size an appropriate server configuration and will generate a Cloud Migration Proposal for your review
  3. Review Cloud Migration Proposal
  4. Sign CommonSpot Cloud agreement
  5. Schedule migration date with PaperThin Professional Services team
  6. Receive & Review Cloud Migration Check list
  7. Provide PaperThin with backups of file system and databases
  8. PaperThin will standup severs in the CommonSpot Cloud and will migrate and upgrade your site(s) to the latest version of CommonSpot on those servers
  9. PaperThin and your team will test the migration and will resolve any issues
  10. Re-point your DSN to Amazon load balancer
  11. Go live