Other CommonSpot Cloud Options:

Other options not presented above include:

  • On-demand Scaling
    If you have known periods where you have increased traffic loads we can temporarily increase the size of your servers (on an on-demand basis) or can add additional servers to meet that load.

Estimated Cost: Standard On Demand Usage costs

  • Warm Backup Environment
    In order to provide an extra level of redundancy, PaperThin could provide a “warm” backup server located in the Amazon West Region.  On a nightly basis, snapshots of the production site(s) and databases could be copied from the Amazon East Region Authoring server and deployed into a single ‘Medium’ server running the same version of CommonSpot in the West region.  This server would contain both the CommonSpot application server and the database, and could be cloned quickly on an as needed basis in case of a total failure in the East Region. 

Estimated Cost: $1,500 one-time setup/configuration fee (10 hours @ $150/hr.), plus $1,000/year for warm backup server, load balancer & data transfer.

  • Virtual Private Cloud
    If you wish to have a secure dedicated connect between the Amazon Servers and your data center, PaperThin can configure a “Virtual Private Cloud” connection.

Estimated Cost:  $1,500 one-time setup/configuration fee (10 hours @ $150/hr.), plus $500/year per VCP connection.