The CommonSpot 6.2 release is a maintenance release with a few features (see list on the left), but mostly minor enhancements, bug fixes and support for new platforms.

Minor Enhancements include:

  • Expired Pages Option for Advanced Search, Page Indexes
  • Full-Screen Rich Text Editing in Elements and Forms
  • Image Field improvements
  • Several Custom Element improvements
  • Updated CommonSpot Page URL Field
  • Changes to Default Image Gallery
  • Additional Customer Hooks

CommonSpot 6.2.0 Release Notes 145KB
**CommonSpot 6.2.1 Release Notes 115KB


Scheduled Jobs Management

Administrators can create and manage scheduled background jobs, including any of the more than a dozen out-of-the-box utilities (rebuilding cache and links, analyzing performance and more) as well as custom jobs.

Background Cache Scheduler

Cache can be updated on a scheduled basis through the Rebuild Cache job, a new site-level Scheduled Job available with release 6.2. Configure this job to run on a schedule that best supports the needs of your environment. For an overview of overall performance options, see the CommonSpot Performance Guide. For detailed instructions on using the above features, refer to the CommonSpot Administrator’s Guide, as well as Cache Server installation instructions in the Installation and Shared Database Configuration guides.

Group Ownership

Groups can now own CommonSpot objects, and users can now view and interact with pages and objects owned by groups in which they are members. For example, users can view both individual and group changes to pages or pending approvals, assign object ownership to groups, and filter report results through group or individual ownership. This update affects views in My CommonSpot, My Content, search results, and CommonSpot Reports. See these sections of the CommonSpot Contributor’s Reference as well as “Change Ownership.”

Secure Email Notifications

CommonSpot now provides both SSL and TLS review/approval and notification support for customers who route email through secure servers.