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Accomplish Complex Tasks Easily for Better User and End-user Experiences

CommonSpot 9.0 improves the user experience at every desk, helping accomplish complex tasks more intuitively to improve website engagement and achieve quantifiable digital marketing results.  Website navigation, video and multimedia management, and accessibility are now as easy and intuitive as editing a page.

With CommonSpot Spring 2014 Marketers can now:

  • Manage Navigation without having to write a lick of code.
    Create and easily display navigation—such as horizontal, vertical, accordion, tabbed, nested, or mega menus—without the need to write code. Intuitively manage menu content, choose from a variety of menu structures, create or update links, etc. > Learn more
  • Publish video content more easily using Brightcove and YouTube. 
    Easily upload and publish videos to your web server or with tightly integrated, third-party media sources like YouTube or Brightcove.  Manage multimedia files from within the CommonSpot user interface, eliminating the need to work with embeddable code. Videos can be published to your page with full HTML5 compatibility. > Learn more
  • Change page layouts on the fly.
    Use Changeable Layouts to make effortless adjustments to how content is presented on regions of a page in one simple click. Easily add or remove columns, change column width, alter how content is presented (accordions, carousels, columns, etc.), show or hide content from a simple pick list, or drag and drop content to change the order in which it appears all the while maintaining your responsive design rules. This helps you offer a continuous influx of website content, without having to compromise the message to fit the space. > Learn more 
  • Optimize web pages for people with disabilities.
    Create accessible web pages, organize content using HTML5 tags, measure how well those pages are optimized for accessibility, and optimize them in real time for devices and web access strategies most often used by individuals with disabilities. > Learn more

Developers and Designers can:

  • Use Grid Systems to create better responsive designs.
    Make responsive websites easier to create and implement using any responsive grid system design. Grid system designs are fully supported in CommonSpot. > Learn more
  • Leverage HTML5.
    Use HTML5 to enable rich, sophisticated multimedia and organize content in meaningful ways using HTML5 tags for better accessibility. > Learn more


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