Many new capabilities have been added or enhanced in CommonSpot v10.5. These include the following:

  • Full HTTPS Support
  • Enhanced 508/Accessibility Support
  • Element Level Cache Control
  • Image Gallery Size Restrictions & Image Editing improvements
  • Updated Support for Brightcove Video Players & New API
  • Support for Several New Platforms (Windows Server 2016, Lucee 5.2.2, MySQL 5.7, SQL Server 2016)
  • Several Enhancements to Simple Forms
  • New Shared Database Configuration Option
  • Updated Application Development Framework (ADF v2.2)
  • New Widget Gallery with over a dozen out-of-the-box, interactive widgets


Widget Gallery

PaperThin has created a gallery of helpful modules available, such as image carousels, slide shows, and other popular widgets that can save you time customizing your site.

Accessibility (508 Standards)

Several enhancements and bug fixes are included in version 10.5, that make it easier than ever to create 100% accessible websites.

Image Gallery Enhancements

Several enhancements were made to the Image Gallery in how it supports size restrictions and how it allows for editing of an image to fit to those restrictions.

Full HTTPS Support

Use of CommonSpot in an https-only environment is fully supported, and highly recommended.

Element Level Cache Control

CommonSpot 10.5 now support granular control over how element-level cache is managed via the new Element Cache Settings dialog.

Enhanced Import/Export

CommonSpot has added more options when exporting and importing custom objects which include Custom Elements, Metadata Forms, Custom Field Types, and Render handlers.

Brightcove Hosted Video

CommonSpot 10.5 has been enhanced to now support the updated Brightcove video players and its new API.

Simple Form Enhancements

CommonSpot 10.5 includes many notable enhancements to the Simple Form element, to increase usability and improve accessibility.

Update ADF Version

Along with a new version of CommonSpot, the CommonSpot Application Development Framework has been updated to version 2.2.