PaperThin offers a suite of training courses, How-To webinars, and Ask The Expert sessions that help all CommonSpot users to master the system with ease. Whether Marketers, Business Users, Administrators or Developers, our training offerings help customers start realizing the value of CommonSpot in a matter of days.


PaperThin trainings are offered in a variety of ways to ensure there's an option that's right for you. We offer online trainings, on site trainings, e-learning trainings for customers that prefer a self-service approach, or in-classroom trainings at the PaperThin headquarters or a nearby hotel. Class times vary accordingly with some running 9am to 5pm, while others last half a day or even one hour per day for organizations with very demanding schedules.

Live How-To Webinars and Ask The Expert Sessions

PaperThin hosts How-To webinars and Ask The Expert sessions the first Tuesday of the month from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Eastern Time. These live weekly events are designed to offer customers additional ways to master CommonSpot and have questions answered—at no cost to you. Each session is recorded and posted to our Community site so you can refer back to them as you see fit.


PaperThin also hosts workshops on a variety of topics which teach trainees in a hands-on environment how to implement and use some of the more complex features within CommonSpot. Workshops are part lecture, part homework, and part hands-on training. Attendees walk away with a comprehensive understanding of that feature, a solid plan and level of effort for their implementation, best practices, and a jump start on their implementation.

Training Courses

CommonSpot for Contributors I

This initial hands-on class is the first of a two-part course designed for content contributors or business stakeholders. Part lecture and part hands-on exercises, the class focuses on the use of CommonSpot from the end user's perspective, teaching users how to effectively create and manage all types of content within your CommonSpot site.

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CommonSpot for Contributors II

This class is the second of two Contributor classes designed for content contributors or business stakeholders. Part lecture and part hands-on exercises, the Contributor II class is intended to teach content owners some of the more advanced techniques for creating and managing web content.

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CommonSpot Fundamentals

This course teaches administrators, designers, developers, trainers, and webmasters the building blocks for creating a dynamic website foundation.

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CommonSpot for Marketers

CommonSpot Marketing Training provides a comprehensive introduction to CommonSpot features for Marketing contributors tasked with creating, delivering, and improving the overall effectiveness of an organization’s website marketing efforts.

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CommonSpot for Developers I

CommonSpot for Developers I covers the essential building blocks in CommonSpot needed by Web developers to build, maintain and customize a site utilizing the CommonSpot CMS.

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CommonSpot for Developers II

CommonSpot for Developers II focuses on the Application Development Framework (ADF), an open source project designed to make development in CommonSpot faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

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Personalization Workshop

Learn how to utilize CommonSpot's personalization capabilities to enhance your site visitors experience in this hands-on Personalization workshop.

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Performance Tuning Workshop

A hands-on workshop focusing on performance tuning your web site. Learn how to analyze the performance of your pages, and optimize the results through proper caching techniques.

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