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A Website Cocktail

May 24 - How do you make a website great? Ask a different person and you will get a different answer. Interactivity is huge. Design, branding, personalization, navigation, and so on—all are of equal importance. But a well designed and easy to navigate website alone won't drive new business, optimize your site for search engines, help you communicate with customers across multiple channels, or drive leads. It's not the glass…it's what's in it that counts. A pretty glass with nothing exciting in it is meh. Fill the pretty glass with Gin, tonic, ice, a clove, a few halved kumquats, and a basil leaf and now it's getting interesting.

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12 Tips for Selecting an SEO-Friendly CMS

Feb 05 - Don’t let your CMS get in the way of your SEO strategy. When choosing a CMS, you need to consider, instead, how it’s going to help. It doesn’t matter how good your site is, a majority of your traffic will come from organic searches on search engines, so SEO has to be the first and last thing you think about when managing your online content. It should also be among the top considerations when selecting a CMS. Here are some of the most important things to look for.

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